"Kitchen Appliances Gary is very kind and friendly, he treats his customers well and finds you the best deals and takes the best care of our kitchen appliance repair needs often! He comes the next day or same day! Fair pricing and clean work always with Gary."

Carly - North York

"Gary was great!"

Stephen - Wychwood

"Broken Washing Machine With a three-month old (baby), we use our washing machine almost daily. This past Saturday, we were doing a big load of onesies and receiving blankets, and knew something was wrong when the machine hit the spin cycle. There was a terrible noise, and no spinning.

After some of our own trouble-shooting, we knew we had a full-alarm emergency on our hands, and needed help, fast. Our search led us to a couple other companies, who weren't open on weekends; another appliance repair company we reached told us `well, you better call someone who fixes washing machines.

Then, we found Gary. He called us back within minutes of our leaving a message for him, and agreed to be to our home within the hour. Almost to the minute, he was pulling into our driveway. 15 minutes later, he had the machine open, and the problem diagnosed. 30 minutes after that, he was closing up his toolbox, and getting ready to go. Our wash was back on track a mere 2 hours after the machine went south.

He warranties his work and parts for 90 days, worked fast and clean, and for a reasonable price, considering it was the middle of a beautiful summer Saturday. If you're looking for quick, reliable, and reasonably priced service, then check out Gary."

Charles - Thornhill

"Excellent We've used Gary's Applicance Repairs a few times (for different applicances) and have been fully satisfied with each job! A+Fantastic for servicing appliances! Gary is very efficient and professional. The job was done right the first time and we would definitely call again."

Jared - Toronto

"Great for refrigerator and plumbing hookup! First time customers. Very pleased with Gary's service and reliability, very professional. Will definitely call Gary for any other problem with the house, thanks!"

Evan - Toronto

"Exellent Response & Service I would highly forward Gary's Appliance Repair to anyone in the Greater Toronto Area. Not only do they respond quickly to your calls, but they also get the job done successfully! I trust Gary's Appliance Repairs for any of my home appliances."

Ace - North York

"Gary is Great. Good service, good prices and quick to arrive. I was referred to Gary by a long time friend when my dryer was giving me problems. Gary came to my home within an hour of my call, he treated my family and I with the utmost respect, wearing seperate shoes when walking in the house.He fixed the machine in thirty minutes. His prices were reasonable. My experience was great and I highly recommend him."

Abby - Richmond Hill

"Loved Their Service- The best Service I've had in YEARS. Great Prices, Delightful Technician, Fast and Easy :) I called Gary's Appliance on Sunday to inquire about the costs to fix my Whirlpool oven (I was having guests over that afternoon and needed it fixed, and fast). The Person who answered the phone was extremely friendly and connected me to Gary himself, almost instantly. Gary asked me my location of the age of the machine and provided me with an estimated cost of repair. The price was reasonable so I gave Gary the go ahead to come on down to my place. Gary was over within the hour of my early morning call (8:30am) and I was fascinated with the quickness of his repair and his diligence and work ethic. Gary was very friendly. He finished the job with more then enough time for me to prepare for the incoming guest. Gary's Appliance Repairs provided excellent service and I am happy I found them in my search on google. I recommend this company and am happy to display a Gary's Appliance Magnet on my fridge."

Daniel - Toronto

"I had a great experience with Gary. Nice guy."

Rachel - Thornhill

"We just moved into our new house, and the refridgerator the old homeowners left us was failing us. This refridgerator may have looked relatively new, but it certainly wasn't in working form. The day we moved in we called Gary to come over and have a look at it. Little did I suspect Gary would come over THAT day and have it fixed within an hour! Gary is a miracle worker, he'll get the job done in no time at all, and all with a very chipper attitude. -Highly recommended."

Leah - North York

"Gary has helped us 4 times now on different appliances. Great guy, knowledgeable, quick. Asked around and his prices were fair. Started using him about 3 years ago and nothing he's fixed has broken since. Well recommended."

Amanda - Richmond Hill

"Not only is he professional and quick, but he's also kind and charitable. I know that Gary hosts regular poker nights to raise money for the Save a Child's Heart foundation to help children and help him advertise a bit. I can't imagine calling anyone else but Gary to help me with any home appliances...he's always there to help, that's just the kind of guy he is!"

Joshua - Thornhill

"I recommend Gary to my family and friends all the time. I was actually just looking for his phone number to call him about a problem with my fridge. Gary's Appliance Repairs is quick, effective and cost efficient. Take my word for it! :)"

"Very quick response and fair prices. Gary has fixed our AC, and Dryer. I highly recommend Gary's Appliance Repair"

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